Friday, June 29, 2012

Henry at play

Henry has been enjoying his activity mat quite a bit the past few days.

smiles : )

1 month

Henry Michael, you are 1 month old!
June 22, 2012

You weigh 10lbs 12oz and are 21in long.
You just started wearing size 1 diapers and 3 month clothing in the past 3 days.
 You are the sweetest baby Henry. Daddy and I feel like we won the lottery with you!
There are typically three reasons why you cry...
1. You are hungry.
 2. Your diaper needs changed.
3. You need burped.

 You loved to be held and cuddled.
 You sleep best on someone's chest.
Right now your favorite play time spot is the bouncy seat.
You make the silliest faces! We joke that you must have practiced making funny faces for 9 months in my belly : )
Riding in your carseat makes you go to sleep immediately.
You love bath time.

You love to be worn in the Baby Bjorn.
You only get up once or twice during the night. We put you down around 11pm and you typically sleep until 4 am. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
You are happy to nurse or take a bottle.

Daddy and I think you are the sweetest baby and extra cute. We adore you and can't believe you are ours. This has been the best (and fastest) month of our lives. : )
Happy first month baby boy!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

great expectations

Today Henry and I had great expectations of:

1. Mommy showering
2. Going to the library
3. Returning/purchasing somethings at Lowes
4. Returning a pie plate to a dear friend who brought us dinner

What really happened?

Today we nursed, napped (only while held in Mommy's arms because heaven forbid we put the baby down...sleep when the baby sleeps...ha ha ha no!), and stepped around piles of laundry and clutter at the house.

1. Mommy did not shower
2. Library!? Who takes a 4 week old baby to the library?
3. We'll wait for Daddy to go to Lowes
4. Maybe we'll see that friend at church?

: )

Monday, June 18, 2012

On the go!

The past few weeks we have been on the go!
Thankfully I have been feeling good and Henry loves to be in the stroller.
Our city celebrated it's bicentennial last week and there were lots of fun, family friendly festivities for us to do and see. : )

We went to Findlay's Bicentennial Festival.
 Henry tried on Daddy's signature sunglasses.
 Henry took his first walk around the neighborhood with Mommy.
Here we are in front of our house.
 We gave Miss Heather and  her little peanut some lovin.
He is hugging her!
 We also went to Findlay's Bicentennial parade!
The Marathon float.
....and were those parents who took their 3.5 week old to a restaurant and bar
 Henry slept through his first fireworks.
 We also had a fun play date with friends : )
Look at those sweet babies and big kids!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

splish splash

Henry got his first "real" bath on Monday May 4, 2012.

....easing his way into the water

This kid slept the entire time he was in the tub.

The only time we got a reaction out of him was when we washed his hair. He gave us a gummy, sleepy grin and then went right back to sleep.

Henry loves bath time!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Daddy says we need MORE Henry Highlights....

Thank you Miss Heather for taking these precious pictures!

Henry Highlights

Hospital Day 2

Going Home

 Loving the paci

 ....He looks like SUCH an old man in this picture!

A visit from Uncle Ernest and Kaitlin

First time in the swing....that mommy picked out ; )

 The many faces of Henry

: )

FYI, his eye has a little injury from birth, which should go away in a few weeks.