Friday, December 30, 2011

snip and snails and puppydog tails

.....these are the things that little boys are made of!

Danny and I are thrilled to introduce our son,
 Henry Michael Sullivan.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twas the night before ultrasound...

Tomorrow is the big day!!

 D and I are getting a peak at our baby and *fingers crossed* learning wheather we are brining home a girl or a boy in May.

We've performed numerous, extremely scientific, old wives tales and all roads lead to boy. D and I both still think this little one is a girl...we will see in less than 24 hours!

Chinese Gender Chart = boy
Baking Soda Test = boy
Cravings (this is a mixed bag I've been loooving Spicy Chicken Sandwiches and lots of fruit) = ?
Ring/Necklace Test = boy

Now, I have to aplogize for leading you on, but we are revealing baby Sullivan's gender to our families on Christmas soo it won't be on the blog until then. Say a prayer (or maybe don't!) that I can keep the secret for 3 days. Truly, the thought of that is laughable but I'm going to try. : )

Hopefully I'll have a cute (non alien) looking picture to share!

Last chance for your guesses!


Monday, December 19, 2011

ya'll ready for this?

Two Thousand One Hundred Six


were sent to service men and women from the friends and family of this blog.

What a blessing!!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your time and effort.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

this and that

I have received 3 gift subscriptions to Parents you think that is a reflection of my friends' perceptions of my parenting skills? ; )

I worked every day last week. Can you say sore feet? sleepy Halley? and nothing got done around my house?

Christmas preparations are in full swing. Stockings are hung, shopping is in full force, and hot chocolate if flowing. D and I hope to finish everything up today and then enjoy the next week of celebrating.

We find out the gender of baby Sullivan in t-minus 5 days. Anyone care to make a guess...boy or girl?

I have an official count of Christmas cards for servicemen...we did a great job. I'll save the "official" number for it's own post.

I'm taking picture of my Christmas decor today, baby bump, and organizing our photos from the past few days. They'll be up this week. : )


Monday, December 5, 2011

cards, cards, cards!

Remember that Christmas party D and I went to on Saturday?
 LOOOK at what I got!
303 more Christmas Cards! yay!!

Today I received 200 cards from my grandmother and her Florida friends.

Only 3 days left to get your Christmas cards to me or D!

Please help us complete this worthy task.

Don't assume someone else is going to do it or that your cards, no matter what the number, don't matter. THEY MATTER. case your forgot! ; )
All cards are "due" Thursday, December 8, 2011

D and I will be mailing the cards, all you need to do is get them to us!

Cards need to be signed

It is suggested that you use generic salutations such as "Dear Service Member
Do not include email or home addresses on the cards (City and State are fine)
Do not include inserts of any kind, including photos

Envelopes do not need to be sealed, simply "tucked"
Please refrain from sending holiday cards with glitter.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanks for having us over!

Look what I made! A perfect host/hostess gift for the Christmas season!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

A few Friday randoms....

*Do you see what I see?
....besides D making a goofy smile because I told him to look at the camera?
: )

Our crib arrived on this week! So we braved the SNOW to pick it up and then my sweet husband proceeded to set it up for me, with full knowledge that he was going to have to take it right back down to complete a project in the baby's room. See that taped plastic in the above picture? D has it up to protect the flooring and outlets while he removes the texture from our ceilings.

* Yesterday I received a pledge for 510 Christmas cards from my younger sister's school! That puts us over 1,000! wow!

*Today is my 26th birthday! I am teaching Kindergarten today and have full intentions of bribing the children with candy so it's a smooth day. oh the wisdom that comes with age! ; ) Tonight we are going to my favorite restaurant The Revolver.

*Even though I am almost 15 weeks pregnant (wow when did THAT happen? ) I have had a rough few morning sickness days. Eating has been a full on chore. Didn't the baby get the memo that D and I are about to drop $$$ for dinner tonight and I'd like to enjoy it?

*Tomorrow is one of my favorite Findlay traditions. Thank God It's Christmas. Our friends gather and we have a Thanksgiving/Christmas-esque dinner. Loads of food and fun. I am making the Pioneer Women's mashed potatoes and D is making his traditional egg other words our kitchen will be a mess tomorrow!

*Next week I get to have lunch with a dear friend and I am VERY much looking forward to it!!

Hope you stay warm and have a Christmasy weekend with your family and friends!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

shameless plea

Current Christmas card count: 407

Goal: 3,500


Of course I want to reach of sending 3,500 Christmas cards to men and women serving our country, away from their homes and families, during the Christmas season but I'm a bit concerned I'm not going to reach near that goal.

I am thankful for any of you that take the time to write and sign cards for this campaign. It touches my heart to the core and truly means the world to me. I am so blessed by your generous spirits. it is time to "get out the vote" so to say...

We have over a week to complete this project and it. is. do-able.

This is such a small, inexpensive, easy project that makes a big difference in the lives of those sacrificing for you.

Please consider asking a friend over to watch a movie and write some cards, or meet at Panera to enjoy hot chocolate and work on some cards, spend some time with your kids talking to them about gratitude and sacrifice, or curl up with a blanket and write some cards while you admire your Christmas tree.

My birthday is on Friday...sign another box of cards in honor me (I told you this was shameless)

.....the baby wants to you write cards too (....shameless I tell you)

Hope you are keeping warm on this SNOWY!! day!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Baby,

It's been 4 months, time to stop holding my energy hostage. Christmas time is here and mommy likes to decorate and bake and stay up later than 7:30pm. Not to mention that your father hasn't had  a home cooked meal since September....I'll trade you stretchy maternity pants (room to grow!) for my energy. mmm k?


Thursday, November 24, 2011


I think we can all guess what D and I are thankful for this year....

I am thankful for my family

p.s. S family, we clearly need a more recent family picture

by the way...these guys are literally GUYS now, I'll also be needing a more updated picture plus their parents

I am thankful for my friends

Raise your hand if your remember THIS!

I am thankful for D

I am counting all my blessings today. 

Wishing you and your family a day filled with love, thankfulness, and some gravy!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1 day until GRAVY day!

Things I am excited to eat during my 2 ( !!! ) thanksgiving feasts:

turkey with gravy

mashed potatoes with gravy

stuffing with gravy

dinner rolls dipped in gravy

....gravy mmmm

I have been eating 3-4 bites per meal for weeks, except for Spicy Chicken Sandwiches from Wendys with honey mustard - I can eat THE ENTIRE THING mmm! Even in my darkest hour my mind wonders to Thanksgiving and the thought of gravy on pretty much everything on my plate makes me happy. very. happy.

Today I'm thankful... that I haven't gained a pound yet this pregnancy (knock on wood, I totally just guaranteed myself a 10 lb weight gain in 2 days) so I can eat all I want on Thanksgivi..I mean Gravy Day without guilt. ha!


Monday, November 21, 2011

vampires, and electric work, and sams club oh my!

We had quite the weekend around these parts.

     Friday my father-in-law came to visit and help us install recessed lighting in our kitchen and new outdoor lighting...he's an electrician annd he probably hates me this morning. I got the bright idea to move the location of the lights on our front porch from their current location in the stucco to their new location (!!!) on the brick on the front of our house. So that meant removing light fixtures and then drill holes through brick and mortar. fun!

D is holding up the giant lantern so I can decide where I'd like it the rain
....clearly this guy loves me
....clearly these lanterns are ahmazing

     On Sunday H2D2 came and rescued me from electrical work and football! H2 and I had seen signs for a holiday open house at Sams club- Christmas and samples? I'm in! D2 drove us 40 minutes north for our holiday extravaganza. Here are a few quotes from our trip:

H2: (pointing to a gift basket of sweets) Why don't we get these for Grandma D2?


Then I shared an old wives tale about morning sickness...according to a family friend the reason I have been so sick is because I'm having a baby boy and my body doesn't know what to do with a "boy part" growing inside of me

D2's response?

D2: I'd be sick too if I had a "boy part" inside of me!

; )

Only one more month and then we'll see if that old wives tale is true!

     To end my weekend of fun D took me to see Breaking Dawn, you know the teeny bopper vampire movie? I think our presence in the theater raised the average age to 18. ha! Well if our age didn't raise the average age in the theater our, well my, old person habits definitely did. Friends, I took a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a clementine, and a thermos of coffee for D in my purse into the movie. we. are. old...and pregnant....and occasionally hungry.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Baby,

  Taco Bell is for drunk or hungover college kids, not mothers to be who spend $30+
per month on prenatal vitamins with DHA and fish oil supplements for your brain development, endlessly research the benefits of organic crib mattresses, and are about to sign up for prenatal yoga. If you could kindly forget THAT craving I would appreciate it.


: )

Friday, November 11, 2011

we need a little christmas, right this very minute

I have a deep, abiding love for Christmas music.

Amy Grant Christmas music in particular. Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit like the first few strains of "It's Gonna be a Christmas to Remember."

It is my go to CD, and yes I use the CD.

I was grumpy, i.e. hormonal, a few days ago so the only plausible solution was Christmas music in the car. Cue the Amy Grant. Cue the snickering from see I have a tendency to play a beloved song over, and over, and over again without ever getting tired of it! ever.

D: I am going to have this lady come sing this Christmas song at your funeral

ha ha ha!

You know what my response to his statement was?

consideration and rationalization...

Me: Well she's older than me so she might not be "around" and women live longer then men so YOU might not be "around"

ha ha ha!

oh jeez.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

keepin' it real

I am so thrilled to be pregnant and am anxiously anticipating the arrival of this little alien.

Sorry sweetheart, you do look like an alien, mama is keeping it real here...

That is our latest ultrasound at 11 weeks 1 day. As compared to 8 weeks 5 days. wonder I am tired! I literally quadrupled that kid in 3 weeks time.

But since we're being real here, pregnancy is not a walk in the park. I have been continually shocked at how tough the first trimester has been. My mom didn't have morning sickness and in theory our pregnancies are supposed to mirror our mothers...ha ha ha NOT MINE! Baby Sullivan is making itself known in a big way at our house...nausea, vomiting, peeing of the pants while vomiting (super graceful my friends), headaches, cramping, abdominal twinges, spotting, food aversions, cravings, the whole gauntlet.

Thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel, drumroll please, the second trimester.

The honeymoon phase of pregnancy. I can hear the angels singing! I see the light! It's so so close, but far away! My midwife told me I would cross the threshold into pregnancy bliss at 12 weeks, which is this Sunday. I hear more angels singing! ; )

In all seriousness I love my little alien, whom I think is a little girl after my own bratty little girl heart...causing drama at 11 short weeks in the womb (consider this a public apology to my mother now). Pregnancy and babies are a miracle, corny yes, but true none the less.

For now, Baby Sullivan and I are going to put our feet up and pray for Sunday.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Well friends the holiday season is lurking.... that means it's time get your Christmas card on!

Last year friends and family of the Halley Daily sent over 2,100 Christmas cards overseas to American troops serving our country during the holidays. wow! Isn't it incredible how mismatched group of people in Ohio did something small and selfless and made a BIG difference?

Everyone who participated in sending Christmas cards commented on how enriching it was to step back from the hussle and bussel to express their gratitude and well wishes toward our service men and women. I can personally atest to the joy (and tears!) I experienced when packaging thousands of cards to send overseas. I felt overwhelming pride in our country, service members, and my friends and family for helping to bless those sacrificing on behalf of our freedom.

This year I will be sending cards via the Red Cross and My goal is to send 3,500 cards. yep, it's a big number but I know that we can rally to encourage and bless our service members.

I would so appreciate it, if you and your family would consider committing to purchasing a few boxes of Christmas cards and writing in them while you watch tv, enjoy some hot chocolate, or listen to holiday music. I would even suggest bringing several boxes of cards and pens to Thanksgiving or holiday gatherings so that your extended family can participate. You won't regret it!

Last year many people purchased cards at Walmart.....why? Many boxes contain 32 cards for $3 and are made in America. Another suggestion would be checking out your local Dollar Tree- 20 cards for $1. You could also make cards at home with your children and some finger paint. : )


All cards are "due" Thursday, December 8, 2011

D and I will be mailing the cards, all you need to do is get them to us!

Cards need to be signed

It is suggested that you use generic salutations such as "Dear Service Member"

Do not include email or home addresses on the cards (City and State are fine)

Do not include inserts of any kind, including photos

Envelopes do not need to be sealed, simply "tucked"

Please refrain from sending holiday cards with glitter.

Friday, November 4, 2011

the pumpkin carving party

my easy peasy centerpieces

1 borrowed mason jar


candy corn


dessert first!

H2 made homemade butterfingers via pinterest

D, not my husband but my girl friend, made these spooky brownies.
gorgeous spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from my sweet neighbor


pumpkin everything...

food table

I served 3 different soups. 2 chili's and 1 potato. My mama drove 2.5 hours to cook all this food.

We also had warm apple cider with adult mix-ins...

view from the kitchen...didn't we luck out with a beautiful day!

the people..

neighbors from both sides

baby C with my mom (practicing for her new role as grandma)

boys (AT, D, and D2) and chili the whole gang

j and l

aka peas in a pod


half way through the party it started to rain so we headed to the garage.

my brother in law and his girlfriend C lead the transition with military precision.

: )

me and mompumpkin carving!

Our 4th annual party was a HUGE success, but I did not do it alone! My mother in law, brother in law, his girlfriend, my mom, sister, dad, and neighbor A all came to my rescue and helped me prepare for the party. I am forever and ever grateful. H2 and C took all the pictures in this post. I am so thankful for the memories saved and made. THANK YOU!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MOTHER of all liars

Ok, so my hard drive DID crash but the real reason I haven't been blogging is this:

what!? I know, I know!

A few weeks ago I was feeling a bit "off". I did NOT think I was pregnant but was hoping to be soon, so I picked up a few (or 10) pregnancy tests and a diet coke and headed home to rule that out. I got home and had to tinkle, so before I could drink my diet coke to help things along, I took a pregnancy test.

The first test I took was a cheapie dollar store test. D thinks these just don't work (well, they do!), but I wasn't going to waste an expensive test with the words on it if I wasn't in the family way. As I watched the faint line show up I was in shock. could. not. believe. it. So naturally I called K in Alaska. She answered in a whisper and asked if she could call me back. My reply?

"NO! I think there is a line!"
"A line?!"

"Yes, there might be a line..."


"I don't know, it's really really light"

"A line is a line! You need to take a test with the words on it"

"Ok, I'll do that and call you back tomorrow"

haha! Like I was going to drop that bomb and then make her wait...

"I can't wait until tomorrow! tonight"

Soo, I took a test "with the words on it" and it said THE word! It was 4:45pm and D was due home in 25 minutes. I knew this was a big deal and an announcement that D would remember forever so I scrambled. I remembered a banner I had made for a baby shower 2 years ago that said "Welcome Baby" and printed a sign to put underneath it that said "Sullivan June 2012" (I was a bit off on the date by the way) and it hung it over our bed. I called D and told him to pick up a newspaper because there was a coupon I wanted....he sooo did not buy that! haha! but he bought the paper anyway. Truthfully I wanted to buy some time and also to have a keepsake for the day. : )

I shut the bedroom door and waited for D to come home. When he got home I had my camera ready to snap a picture of his reaction when he opened the door and saw the banner. This is what I got...

It's been a whirlwind few weeks and I have lots more pictures and video to share.

Baby Sullivan due May 27, 2012