Thursday, April 5, 2012

third trimester sickness

Dear Henry,

Didn't you get the memo that morning sickness stops at the end of the first trimester? We are FAR beyond on that love, so lets tone down the nausea and races to the bathroom due to nausea. k? You can wiggle your toes in my ribs as much as you long as the throwing up stops.

Mom (& probably Dad, he might be sick of the sickness too!)

p.s. The upside to all of this, is that when your tummy hurts I've got an arsenal of attempted remedies! : )

Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Shower!

This past Saturday my sweet sister-in-law Emily and cousin-in-law Jaci hosted the most incredible baby shower for Henry and me. We had lots of baby love, cake, and laughs. Emily had a friend who had studied photography come to capture the event on film and I am so grateful.

Monogrammed cake!!
These girls know the way to my heart!

 Oh Henry! bars for favors and a game

Diapers, a wreath, and an initial?
= 1 thrilled momma

Personalized pinwheels

Danny's grandmothers

We had the most delicious salad (who would have thought at 8 months pregnant I would prefer salad to pasta but whatever! ha!) and pasta for lunch, oh! and polka dot napkins!

Jaci, me, and Emily
All 3 of us married into D's family so that makes us the "out-laws" and I love these girls.

 Me, my mom, and youngest sister Elizabeth

The next few pictures are of guests at the shower. Most are D's cousins and aunts.

Henry and I were most definitely "showered" with love and baby gifts

 .....I was so overwhelmed that I fell out of my chair really I fell out of my chair
....while all eyes were on me opening gifts
: )
As I was reaching for a gift while sitting on the edge of my chair I slipped and fell. Want to get 30 women to react quickly? Fall on the ground while pregnant. ha! Good news is that I am fine and have this memory and photo for a laugh! 

Back in my chair, a little pink in the face, with a cute onesie.

 another cute onesie...

2012 is the year of the baby for D's family! All of these ladies are expecting babies within the year. So here we are in order of weeks pregnant.
Starting in the front:
 Tillie-10-ish weeks, then Lisa-20 weeks, Jaci-26 weeks, me-32 weeks, and Elizabeth-40 weeks.

Then we added Angela all the way at the end with her sweet 7 week old baby. : )


Danny, Henry, and I are so blessed to have such a supportive and generous family.