Monday, August 31, 2009

books i want to read.

I love to read. I could spend hours curled up with a warm blanket and a good book.

I am currently reading the Harry Potter series. I have seen all the movies, enjoyed them, and am now reading the books. I certainly see what all the fuss is about. They are good!

I have just finished the fourth HP book and am going to start the fifth book tomorrow (hopefully!). I have very much enjoyed reading these books. They are rich in detail and suspense.'
When I saw the previews for this movie I was instantly hooked. I couldn't help but be intrigued by the unique storyline. I intended to read the book prior to seeing the movie, but I was number 478 in line to rent the book at the library.... SO....I saw the movie. It was good, but it left me wanting more of an explaniation and detail. I am positive that the book has to be 20x better. So, I guess I'll wait in line at the library. Or, more likely, I will get impatient and buy the book. : )

This book is incredibly popular. There is like a cult following. Until a week ago I had no clue what the book was about. However, on a random trip to Target (same trip that I purchased a snuggie) I picked up the book and read the back cover. Uh...I have to read this book. I am once again intrigued by the unique plot.
Have you read or heard anything about these books? Any suggestions of other books I should check out?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

you guys!!! I have had over 1000 hits on my blog!! yay! I am so proud. Thank you! : )

I am NOT a freshman!

I have been missing in action for a few days. Why? Well, Wednesday after school I packed up my car and headed to Indianapolis to hang out with D and to help my middle sister move into college.

M, my sister, is now a freshman at Anderson University. I also went to Anderson my freshman year so I was extremely excited to go back, visit, and reminisce. M is even living in my 'old' dorm...she is actually living quite close to my 'old' dorm room.

We arrived bright and early on Thursday morning in cars brimming with stuff. Immediately we were swarmed by volunteers in bright blue shirts. In one trip they removed *every* single *item* from the car.

.....and we were on our merry freshman way.

While walking up to M's room, I stopped to read a sign. While reading I was approached by a volunteer in a bright blue shirt. The sweet volunteer asked, "Do you need directions to your dorm room?" I chuckled and told her that I was not a freshman, but was there helping a freshman move in.

I made my way up to M's room and proceeded to help her unpack and organize. In the process we made quite a mess. Being the homemaker that I am, I decided we needed to vacuum the floor. I wandered into the hall and asked a volunteer in a bright blue shirt where I could find a vacuum. The darling volunteer asked me for a room number and told me to ask my RA. I grinned and informed her that I was not a freshman and was getting the vacuum for my little sister who IS a freshman.

Once M was all settled in it was time to get down to administrative business. Meal plans, ID's, and Mail boxes. Mom, M, and I ventured to the student center to 'get down.' (ha ha I am making myself laugh) Anywho, there was an issue with M's ID and we needed to head over to the security office for a new ID. I was just so good while I was at AU that I never needed to visit the security office, therefore we needed a bit of direction finding our way. A lovely volunteer in a bright blue shirt led the way...while walking she turns to me and askes what I am studying....

What!? I am almost 24 years old. I am married (check out my ring finger). I don't look 18. What the heck!

I looked at the dear, lovely, sweet intentioned volunteer in a bright blue shirt and informed her that I am NOT a freshman, that actually I am older than her (a junior in college), that I am graduated, pursuing my Master's, and married.

Seriously. I loved helping M move in. I loved revisiting AU. I loved spending time with my mom and D.

But...the whole are you a freshman thing made me rethink my look. I think I need a makeover or something. oy.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

is it fall yet?

I really really love fall. I love the temperatures, colors, smells, decorations, and activities.

This afternoon I was thinking about a local farm that has a corn maze, pumpkin patch, apple orchard, cider press, and hay rides. Doesn't that sound like a fun way to spend a Saturday? uh..yes! : ) The farm does not open for "fall fun" until Sept 19th, but you can bet I will be there soon after that date (maybe twice!).

Oh! Another activity that signals the end of summer and beginning of fall is the county fair! I am in no way an outdoor kinda girl but I adore the fair. I like to walk around, eat insane fried food, look at animals from afar, and occasionally play a game/ride a ride. The fair starts next week and D and I will be there at least once for dinner! ha!

And finally, I am looking forward to my, now annual, Pumpkin Carving Party. Now, you know THAT sounds like fun! Every brings their own pumpkin! BYOP! We have lots of food-pumpkin themed and flavored, drinks-seasonal beer/cider, and fun.

Bring on the crisp air and sweaters! I am pumped for fall.


Monday, August 24, 2009

A Blanket That Has Sleeves

An undisclosed friend and I went exploring at Target...
Two hours later....
I left with this....

Look! I'm covered from my head to my toes!!

I am just going to relax now and watch some tv...I'm soo warm! and my hands are free to read, eat, sew, use the remote, talk on the phone, or work on my laptop!

Have a snuggly night!


Sunday, August 23, 2009


I am overwhelmed (in a good way) today.

I am so glad for good friends. I am grateful that D is home. I am blessed with a wonderfully crazy family (that includes all of my in-laws!). I am thankful for my long term sub position. I am over-joyed that I am almost completely recovered from salmonella. I am looking forward to another year with D and whatever life throws our way. I am excited about upcoming travel and trips.

I have a lot of blessing to count. I thought I'd share a few with you this morning. For me, it quickly turns my thought process around when I start to think of all of the people and things I am thankful for. You should try it. I bet you'd also be overwhelmed by the abundance of good in your life too.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

mmm pizza!

I love pizza. I think it's my favorite meal. D's too!

I'm a bit of a pizza snob, actually.

My very favorite pizza is white pizza. oh my gosh! It's the best!

Let me tell you about good white pizza. It has a crispy crust. The crust is brushed with olive oil and covered with finely chopped garlic. It has dollops of herbed ricotta cheese. And it is then covered with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. yum! the Midwest when you order a "white pizza" it typically is covered in alfredo sauce....

I have a hard time finding the just right, perfect, delicious white pizza which I crave. But, I have FINALLY found it!! A local authentic Italian Pizzeria has a "Pizza Bianca" white does not have the ricotta on I order that extra.

It's funny because now when I order and ask for the ricotta they know exactly who I am! by name! Should I be embarrassed? : )



Friday, August 21, 2009

Thank GOD in Heaven it's Friday!

I am so so glad it's Friday! why? D is gonna be home tonight! I have really been missing him this week. Let's hope he doesn't hit Indy traffic! (and that he doesn't have to travel as much next week!)

In case you were are our weekend plans:

Friday: I am hurrying to tidy the house after work today (I'm subbing) and then picking up a movie and pizza and wine. Tonight is going to be a low key kinda night.

Saturday: Barn Raising. Our friend A is working on his barn this weekend, in hopes of getting it ready for his wedding reception in 3 weeks! Talk about pressure... D will probably be there from 9am-6pm or later. I will hop over sometime around noon to hang out. I hope it's not super hot or rainy.

Sunday: Church. In the evening we are having some friends over for dinner, again very low key. Then D has to leave again! boo! He should be home most of next week though!

Those are my plans. What are YOU doing this weekend?


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

lame day

sorry guys, today is a boring day.

i am cleaning, errand running, consulting a doctor, thinking about planning a bridal shower, and more cleaning.

i miss D. he needs to come home soon.

i was thinking of going to a movie alone. is that super lame?

that's all.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

interview results..

horray! : )

I am going to be a long term substitute teacher mid-Oct through Jan!

The greatest thing about this particular position, is that I will be working with my kindergartners! (meaning the same children or kindergartners I student taught with...who are now 2nd graders!)

I am very excited about this opportunity.

yay! yay! yay!

Now I am off to the Bistro for a fancy lunch with H2.




I have an interview today @ 10am.

It's for a long-term sub position at the school where I student taught.

I am nervous!

Cross your fingers!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Pandora, Pedicures, and a Painkiller

whew!! What a weekend! My house was brimming with people!

Saturday, while the boys golfed, my sister-in-law Emily, cousin-in-law Theresa, almost-fake-cousin-in-law Jaci, and I ventured out for some girly fun. Oh and did we have fun!

After a delicious lunch at Olive Garden the four of us headed to a local jewelry store to shop for Pandora beads and bracelets. I have so enjoyed my Pandora bracelet. It is exciting and surprising to receive new beads and then to re-arrange the them on the bracelet. : ) It just gives me a thrill!

On Friday Theresa and her sister Tillie gave/sent me two new Pandora beads. I was so surprised and touched. It also made me feel very loved...which I appreciated!

Anywho, the new beads inspired me to check out MORE Pandora products. I also wanted to spread the love and help Jaci start a bracelet. So Emily, Theresa, Jaci, and I went to the jewelry store.

I love the jewelry store. They are always so nice and charming. The sales people normally turn up the charm because I am a total sucker and cash cow! ha ha I enjoy having my rings cleaned, admiring sparkly jewelry, trying on sparkly jewelry, and just playing. Saturday I did all of the above! It was heaven.

I bought two new beads (pictures to come later), Theresa bought a bead, and Jaci started a bracelet. So much fun!

After spending a bit too much money, the girls and I headed to a hole in the wall nail salon to get our toes done. mmm, foot rubs and shiny new nail polish. This pedicure thing is actually a new tradition. 2 weeks ago, the boys were golfing so I called Jaci and Emily and asked if they wanted to meet me for a pedicure. (Sorry Theresa!) We had a great time. When it was all over I still felt like I could be more we went out for a drink.

Saturday we continued the tradition. Following our pedicures we headed to Cheddars for a drink. My favorite drink at Cheddars is a "Painkiller" (limit 2 per customer...SERIOUSLY). I am a total lightweight. You draw your own conclusions about what happened next. ; )

It was such a great great day.

So here is my shout out to Theresa, Emily, and Jaci! Love you guys!


Friday, August 14, 2009

love of my life 2.0

I am in loove.
This man just makes me swoon.

He makes my life easier, which puts a smile on my face. He is handy. He is always ready to tackle any task I give him, quickly and efficiently. He is gentle.

Who is this wonderful man?
Well it's not my husband!!
Sorry D!
I am in love with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

As you know, I am preparing for company this weekend. Which means it's time for me clean my bathtubs and showers. A task I do not particularly enjoy....

The first shower/tub I doused with 409, gagged, wheezed, scrubbed, and eventually, 25 minutes later, made sparkle.

The second shower/tub I donned cleaning gloves, held my nose, and prepared to gag...but magically (he he) none of that happened!! I used my darling Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the second shower/tub. I cleaned the whole thing in 5 minutes. Honestly!! I will show you pictures in a bit. It sparkles.

Oh Mr. Clean! I love you!



Wednesday, August 12, 2009


An *honest to god* REAL conversation:
Man: My wife and I went to a concert last week
D: .....Oh yeah? How was it? What kind of crowd does that attract?
Man: There were a lot of buff guys without their shirts on.
D: .........
Man: My wife and her friend were checkin' them out.
D: .........
Man: My friend said "What's up with that?" I told him, "I don't care she can check them out....they can get her going now and I get to finish her off later"
D: ..........................................
H: ........well that's a positive way to look at it.......?
D: ..... ? .....
so so so awkward.

a baby girl for K

I am so happy for my friends K and P.

Yesterday K had her 'big' sonogram and discovered that she is expecting a healthy baby girl! yay!

Being the friend I am, I promptly went out and bought a darling outfit with matching socks. : )

K, I know you are reading....I couldn't help myself, it was too cute, and I can't help myself now...I'm posting a picture on the blog before I even give it to you! Forgive me! check this out!

I love it!


preparing for 9 ppl in 900 sq. ft

oh boy!

Today is my last day in Indianapolis. I plan to eat breakfast soon, tidy up the room (for housekeeping of course!), hang out at a local outdoor mall, make a few returns, grab lunch...maybe with d?, read, nap, and make a big fat list of things I need to do when I get home tomorrow.

On Friday my brother and sister-in-law, J my almost-fake-cousin-in-law and her boyfriend N (who is D's cousin) and 3 of N's siblings are headed my way.

I love these people. I am so looking forward to having them in my home. truly. However, I need to prepare.

First, where will everyone sleep? Well...D and I will sleep in our bed!! for the first time in 2 + weeks, brother and sister-in-law can sleep in the guest room...but that might not work because it's only a full bed and my brother-in-law is T A L L..., 2 people can sleep on the couch, 2 people can sleep on the air mattress, and I have 2 sleeping bags. ha ha ha

OR all the girls can sleep in beds (meaning D gets kicked out of his bed! sorry dear!) and all the boys can have a slumber party in the living room. oh my! That could be memorable. (I am literally laughing out loud thinking about it)

Food: What am I going to feed all these people? Pizza on Friday night, breakfast casserole on Saturday morning, out for lunch, and we'll grill out on Saturday night (there is no way that my brother-in-law is reading this...but I'm going to buy Cheddarwurst's just for you!!). I'll also be purchasing snacks. lots of snacks.

oh Knowing this crowd we'll be needing lots of beer.

Entertainment: I need to go buy some playing cards. D family plays pitch like it's going out of style. Prior to dating and marrying D I had never heard of pitch. Now I'm a pitch player, however I only own bright pink playing cards. I cannot envision grown men playing pitch with bright pink playing I'll be purchasing some. : )

That's about all my brain can handle right now. Is there anything I forgot?


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my garmin. my friend.

I have a sense of style, common sense, and a sense of humor.

What I do not have is a sense of direction. whatsoever. none. nill. nada. zero.

I can get lost anywhere (and frequently am)! After a year of marriage and 4+ years of dating, D still does not have the common sense not to trust me when I give him directions or insist that I know the right way.

Three years ago D and I travelled to Wisconsin to meet my family and volunteer at The Great Escape church camp. We planned. Got a trip-tik from AAA. Printed directions. Reviewed the directions. We left around 7pm and were scheduled to arrive around 12am. 12 am came and left. At 5am we found ourselves in a cornfield, without cell service, alone, almost out of gas in IOWA!!!

I take full responsibility for that disaster.... because I had been to the camp before, I insisted that I recognized the road and we should turn left and not right (as the directions stated.) My poor husband believed me and we ended up in the wrong state. why!? seriously?

Well, last year my parents bought me a Garmin GPS. oh happy day! I am a changed woman. The Garmin is always and forever with me. always. I am completely dependent. If I make a wrong turn, it re-routes me. If I can't find a Target, it finds it for me. It tells me when I should arrive, which side of the four lane highway to drive on, when to turn, etc.

How in the world did I get by without this gadget?

Last week I let D borrow the Garmin for a business trip.

bad idea.

I got lost 5 times on my way from Cincinnati to Indianapolis. I called my mother screaming and crying. The only thing I could see for miles was corn. I just knew I was going to die in that corn. alone. and no one would know where to find mine. no one. The trip took 3.5 hours instead of 2. I cried alot.

I now know that I will never be able to travel without my dear friend the Garmin. She (the Garmin voice) leads me and guides me. I need her. Thank heavens I have her back.

Now Garmin and I are off to Kohls and Target and Chik-fi-la....we are re-united and it feels so good!


Monday, August 10, 2009

honeymoon is over.

ha ha. Here are a few pictures of what our apartment looked like last year when we got home from our honeymoon. It's kinda like "Where's Waldo?"...... Halley-style.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

in the car again and engagement pics

Today I'm travelling to Indianapolis to spend the weekend and part of next week with D. All of this travel and last minute plans are taking their toll. I am TIRED. I am looking forward to sleeping in, reading, tv watching, eating, quietness, and possibly scrapbooking next week.

Now back to wedding stuff....

Wedding photography was one of my top priorities...and I put my money were my mouth is..or was..

I originally selected a photographer who had a well known reputation around Cincinnati. He *claimed* to be a photojournalist. D and I paid our large deposit and happily selected matching..well coordinating..outfits for our engagement pictures.

On the day of our big photoshoot, we primped, pressed, and prepared accordingly. We arrived at the studio early. We were escorted to the basement studio. Where there were backdrops....I knew in that moment that this "photojournalistic photoshoot" was going south...FAST.

The photographer was creepy and made awkward comments about hand placement and 'reasons to be smiling.'

As in, "Oh!! She smiles big when you put your hand there."

yeah. that was awkward.

We got our pictures back and they looked like they came from WalMart. I did not pay for posed, WalMart pictures. I began re-thinking my photographer and worrying about wedding pictures.

1 month before our wedding I wiggled my way out of my contract with the creepy photographer and started the search for a new, better, for-real photojournalist photographer. wowza that was a process.

I finally found a for-real photojournalist photographer. 3 weeks before my wedding.

Here are some of our for-real engagement pictures. I have to admit, painfully, that I lost the CD with all of the engagement pictures. I only have these two. I'm happy with them though.

I will tell you that I love my wedding photos. I finally felt at-ease about the photography.... however...looking back one year later....I now know that artsy, for-real photojournalistic photographers are AMAZING photographers...not businessmen. Meaning I did not get my beautiful wedding pictures until 6 months after my wedding and sometimes e-mails were not immediately returned.
There you have it.


paper products!!?

I have the best best best anniversary gift for D! ha! I have been thinking and thinking and thinking of what to get him....and last night it came to me. In a moment of sheer genius. I am a genius. : )

You, of course, have to wait until Monday to find out how smart I am (after I give it to him.)

Yay for me!


p.s. For all you happily wed people out there....Here is a list of the traditional anniversary gifts by year.

Year 1- Paper (good luck)

Year 2- Cotton

Year 3- Leather

Year 4- Fruit and Flowers

Year 5- Wood

Year 6- Candy

Year 7- Cooper and Wool

Year 8- Bronze

Year 9- Pottery (Barn!?)

Year 10- Tin

Year 11- Steel

Year 12- Silk

Year 13- Lace

Year 14- Ivory

Year 15- Crystal

then is skips a few years....

Year 20- China

Year 25- Silver

Year 30- Pearl

Year 35- Coral

Year 40- Ruby

Year 45- Sapphire

Year 50-Gold

Year 55-Emerald

Year 60-DIAMOND!! and eveything after that is diamond too! ha! yay!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

...there ARE strings attached!

ohh!! sparkly!!On a hot July evening, in front of my parents and my future in-laws and spaghetti, I received my engagement ring.

I was so ecstatic that I forgot to breathe for a few minutes. My mind immediately filled with wedding plans. I looked at the people around me and my new fiancee and glowed.

Little did I know.....that when you receive an engagement ring...and go through with the get a brand new sparkly ring, a new husband, AND his family. He gets a less sparkly ring (sorry D, no diamonds in your wedding band!), a new wife, a honey-do list, and YOUR family.

You see, it is true, that when you marry a man you marry his family. visa versa for the woman.

All families have their crazy traditions and oddities, but because you grew up with your family you are used to them. After marriage you get to start all over with a new family. ha ha ha.

Luckily for me I adore my in-laws. A year later, I still question some of their oddities, but I'd do anything for them and have. I am doublely blessed because when I married into D's family I didn't just "adopt" his parents, siblings, and grandparents. Oh no! I married into a mega family. I "adopted" his extended family: aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins twice removed, his cousin's cousins, etc.

yep. all of them.

The beauty and the blessing of it, is that I love them all. I consider each cousin, aunt, uncle, sibling, parent, and grandparent one of my own. truly.

D and I and our families have been through it all. A wedding (loved it but wouldn't do it again), moving away from home, visiting home, last minute party planning, gaining new family members, and losing others.

We rally around each other and get through all of it. I'm proud of that. I am proud to be an "in-law" in D's family...and extended family.

Now....had I truly understood all of D's family craziness...I would have drank more, learned to play pitch sooner, became a counselor, and learned to be a night owl....but they have to learn to deal with my oddities! ; )


p.s. I am sure that D has his own blog entry to write about the CRAZINESS of my household, but that's for another day.

Monday, August 3, 2009

one year ago today.....

I was working tirelessly on these:

My wedding programs

I carefully created the template, selected the "just right" fonts, searched for the "perfect" heavy weight paper, and tied double-sided satin ribbon into tiny loopy bows.

On Sunday D and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary. This week I will be sharing details, pictures, and reflections from our wedding and first year of marriage. I am looking forward to pulling out my pictures and video and reminiscing with you. So far it's been a great 359 days. : )