Wednesday, September 30, 2009

freak things happen to me


People are going to stop believing me when I tell them what is going on in my life. Too many, waay too many, weird things happen to me. Today topped it all.

First, the teacher that I will be subbing for during her maternity leave was rushed to the hospital. They thought her babies were on the way. I thought I had another week or two to finish recovering. I have been wearing nothing but yoga pants for weeks. If I have to be at school, in front of people, in charge, I can't wear yogas. So rushing around ensued. BIG time. I got showered and ran to the mall. Quite a few benjamins later...I was all set. Then the school called and told me it was a false alarm. Oh, well I guess I am prepared when the real time comes along.

Secondly, I got my Salmonella culture back....positive!! Are you e'ffin kidding me?! I was on the way to the my second home...uh...I mean the doctor when the scariest, freakiest, ever happened...

While waiting to turn left on an off ramp a semi past me and sent a rusty 12in 29lb piece of metal flying into my car. It dented the top of my trunk, went through my rear windshield and hit me in the head.

I was talking to D at the time and had no clue what happened. I just said "D I think I was just in a car accident. I got hit in the head."

The truck that sent the metal flying also went flying. He did not stop. He kept driving. Actually got right back on the highway....fishy huh?

The police are calling my accident a hit and run.

Below is a picture of the path of the metal. Click on the picture to enlarge it. I circled the rusty marks the metal left on the car.

My headrest saved my life. truly.

D (the engineer) says the force and velocity that it must have taken to hit the car, break through the windshield, hit my headrest, and hit me are incredible.

I have a few bruises (my head, my cheek, my hand) but I am totally ok. Thank you God. A guardian angel was looking out for me today. I am so so thankful.

I am also so grateful for D2. D was out of town at the time of the accident so D2 left work to come get me, take me to the hospital, and retrieve my car.

k. I've had a long long day. I will be whispering an extra prayer of thanks tonight.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i'm pouting

D and I found out another (that makes 2 now) house we were lovin' accepted an offer before we could make one. boo.

I am going to soothe my soul by decorating my master bedroom.

I have lovingly decorated every room of my apartment but the master bedroom. I dunno..D and I are the only ones that see it, we don't really hang out in there, and it's not normally as tidy as the rest of the house...

I think I will add some photos (wedding photos maybe? we don't have a single one in the house), a few shelves, maybe some mirrors? I made a few purchases at Big Lots today. Man, I love that store. It is cheap, cheap, cheap. Super cheap.

I might try to go out to lunch too. I also might get a pedicure or a chair massage. I might get a new Pandora bead.

I am throwing myself a for real pity party.

Poor D...I wonder what kind of pity party he will throw? I will buy him some beer... no...even better... hard liquor! That's a good boy type of a pity party right? uh...I'll let him watch Fox News instead of Glee too! Lucky guy.

Enough pouting. : )


Monday, September 28, 2009

i need advice

1. Mouse- D and I have a little critter that is camping out in our house. We have tried every humane trick to lure, capture, and send him packing. He has out-smarted us. Any suggestions, as to how to make him LEAVE!?

2. Netflix- Seen any good movies lately? We are at a loss...I have been renting movies non-stop while sitting on my butt recovering and I feel like I've seen them all.

3. Books- I finished Harry Potter!! ah I'm going to miss him. Now what do I read?

ok..I am depending on you. Don't let me down!

: )


Friday, September 25, 2009

weekend plans

Friday: Today D took me to Chick-Fil-A for lunch (yes, that is an actual event and highlight on my calendar) and then back to my parents house for a nap. This weekend my aunt a
and uncle from New Jersey are visiting. We haven't seen them since our wedding so we were excited to visit and to hang out with mom and dad.

Saturday: We are chilling at home with the fam. Watching a movie. Eating. Visiting.

Sunday: Church. More eating. And then driving home.


Stay tuned next week for "D, the Great Mouse Detective.." I promise. It's a post you'll want to read.

ouchy ouch ouch

Last night was the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. omg. loved it.

I had a few girl friends over to watch the finale of season 5 and then the premiere of season 6. It was a fun time. I made virgin (I'm on pain meds and have some pregnant/newly unpregnant friends) watermelon margaritas and bought Graters ice cream, K and R brought popcorn, and S brought chocolate sprinkles. yum.

This morning my belly hurts. b a d.

D had to be up and at'em at 5 am this we were laying in bed and I was feeling yucky...and thinking..."you know, I bet I'd feel better if someone rubbed or patted my back/belly" know like burping a baby or rubbing out a gas bubble....

Then I knew I had fallen off the deep end. Way off.

A new low.


*I have to tell you, an hour later that burping/belly rubbing thing still sounds pretty good. ha ha*

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I win.

Yesterday I had a mini..well...mega..breakdown. I took my bandages off and my incisions were not completely healed. I think my eyes bulged out of my head. I immediately called H2 (my personal nurse) in complete hysteria. I think I sobbed for 45 straight minutes. H2 (god bless her) came rushing over, checked me out, and assured me I was going to be ok.

When she left I called D at work in complete hysteria (god bless him). The incision thing, not sleeping, and house hunting had sent me completely over the edge.

What did my dear husband do?

He brought home these:

Which made me do this:

What a great guy. And to top it all off he bought me tickets to see this:

The flowers and the tickets made me feel much much better. D wins = I win.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Happy Fall!! ohh I love this time of year. Actually, I love everything from today until the first-ish week of January (when I truly turn off the Christmas music... : )

I made a semi-truthful-promise that I would not buy any new fall decorations for my apartment because D and I might be moving...but that house we were originally looking at accepted a much higher offer...much much higher than it was worth or D and I would have responsibly paid.

C'est la vie (French) = That's life (English)

Today we are going to look at a few more houses. I'm trying to really pray about this and let God do all the work...well not all of it. ha ha Hopefully he will lead the way.

Since we don't have any for real prospects for an immediate move, I decided that I officially have permission to shop for fall decor. Just a few items. Like a new centerpiece for the table? or some big 'ol pumpkins for the porch? hmm maybe some hay? mums? a garland of bright orange and deep red leaves? Doesn't the thought of my soon to be bought fall treasures make you giddy? Does me.

I am feeling pretty good today. Just a bit sore when I move a certain way or bend at the waist. I am still battling this allergic reaction. fun fun.

Some of my friends have been sending over dinners. You people are life savers. H2 brought me chicken and rice -which is the only thing that tasted good for days post surgery. D(not sure of your number ha ha) mom of J-thanks for the veggie lasagna. R and A are bringing over homemade pizza tonight (and hopefully sharing it with us!). Thank you. Thank you.

By the way...if you are a girl...and you are my friend...check your facebook. I attempted to be cool and send a facebook invitation for a Grey's Season Premiere Party (on Thursday) but I'm not super great a facebook. I'll call today if I don't hear anything. : )


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

last post about this past weekend

Halley on the bench. D in the wheel chair.
What's the problem here?
The whole gang in our matching t-shirts. Yep, we were those people.

funny kid story

While at Cedar Point D and I got to spend some time with a few of my very favorite kids. D's cousin T has 5 little ones. (Three of which were in my wedding. see below ) Her other two children are impressively brave young men, who road roller coasters that I would never dare!

You see that darling little curly blond in the middle? She is a spit-fire! : ) That is C.

Apparently the drive to Cedar Point was rough for the family. It was super late. The directions were a bit messed up. The kids were tired. And they found themselves in the middle of a recently fertilized field.

At which point C (age 2.5) looks up to her mom and dad and says, "Mom, who sh*t their pants out?


I could not help but giggle, excessively, at this story.

I think she significantly lighten the mood in the car. Hopefully she gave you a giggle today too!


p.s. Here are all 5 kids at Cedar Point in their t-shirts. Aren't they the cutest looking family?

Monday, September 21, 2009

NO way!!

These are the highlights from the Snuggie Fashion Show @ Fashion Week in NYC.

what the heck?!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


D and I had a great time "making the best of it" at Cedar Point.

This past weekend was the first weekend of Cedar Point's Halloweekends. Our hotel and the entire park were decked out for the occasion. I have never ever seen so many fake spider webs!

While strolling through the park Friday night we had to pass through a haunted walkway(which was filled with fog and park employees dressed up like monsters, serial killers, freaks, know...the usual ; ) While walking through the haunted walkway the monsters, serial killers, freaks, etc pop out and try to scare you...

I was in a wheel chair minding my own business so I thought all the scary people would leave me alone.

Think. Again.

So I'm being wheeled...watching out for scary people...trying to be cool...and all the sudden my mother-in-law yells from behind "Hey Halley!"

I turned around and a werewolf in a bloody mask is staring me right in the he is pushing my wheel chair!!

I jumped so high I think I ripped a stitch!

D, his cousins, my in-laws, and I dissolved in laughter.

and then checked my stitches.


Friday, September 18, 2009

set back

Yesterday I discovered that I had had an allergic reaction to the adhesive used to adhere (duh) heart monitors, tape, etc. to my skin. I was covered in hot, prickly, red bumps. Fun, right?

I tried to slow down on the amount of pain medication (actually it's just ibuprofen now...but it takes the edge off) I was taking and ended up in....pain. lots of it. So I cracked and took a real pain pill before bed (it took more than the edge off).

D and I are supposed to go to Cedar Point today. His family has been planning this weekend for a while now. We already paid. So, we are going to try to attempt the trip. I have a wheel chair all set up. Sleep arrangements have been re-arranged so I'll be comfortable..but I just don't know if I'm really up for it. I think we might skip tonight and go in the morning. One more day of rest at home might do me some good.

I'm feeling discouraged and lonely. boo!

I hope today is a better day.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a big thanks

to all my lovely friends who came to visit today (and yesterday and the day before). I have thoroughly enjoyed the company, magazines and flowers arrangements. They cheer me up! Thank you! Thank you!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My mom and D decided to document my "look" prior to going into the operating room. Here I am in all my glory...
And here I am in my post surgery glory...actually looking a bit drugged up...which would be accurate...

enjoy...because I may take these pictures down out of sheer embarrassment!


Monday, September 14, 2009


Surgery went well. My gallbladder was incredibly diseased and was not working what-so-ever. I am feeling better than I expected, however I am very very sore and loving my pain medication.

D and I put an offer on a house tonight! We'll know more tomorrow.

Keep praying for me! I bet that's why I'm feeling better than I expected.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

going under...

So at midnight I am cut off from food and drink.

At 7:30am I am headed to the surgery center.

At 9am I am getting cut open.

I'm not nervous just yet...

But if you wanted to say an extra prayer (or two!)

I'd appreciate it.

I'll update you guys when I'm out and feeling better!


p.s. I'll be wearing my new spiffy yoga brown yoga pants. See below.

fun night

Last night our friends A & S tied the knot. They had a meaningful and beautiful ceremony at our local parish and then proceeded to throw an incredible party/reception on their property IN THEIR BARN.

When I first heard of this plan for a "barn wedding" I most definately raised my eyebrow and thought, "this should be interesting..." I mean how classy can a "barn wedding" be?

uh..real classy. and I mean it.

I was blown away by S's centerpieces. She and her mom and her aunts and her bridesmaids did these themselves! Can you say gorgeous?

I think the most gorgeous part of these centerpieces is that every single component is meaningful. Those wooden boxes? Handmade by the groom from old barn wood. The sunflowers? Grown by the bride and groom in their back yard. Isn't that so great?!

I wish I had taken more pictures of this wedding and reception. But I was...ahem... a bit over served last night...meaning...I was feelin' good and dancin' and not really thinking about pictures... yeah...I was feelin' really good : )

As the night wore on and the crowd was dancing in the barn, we had a concert! The groom and his old college band set up on one of the rafters (I think that's what it's called, basically they were a level up but we could still see them) and played a half an hour set. Call me impressed.

D and I had a great time. It was wonderful to spend the evening with great friends, great weather, and celebrating a great couple. Congratulations A & S!!

I love barn weddings!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

love it

Since I'm in the home buying (and decorating) mood...I was browsing the Internet for decorating inspiration... I came across this:

I love it. Don't you?


I am smitten.

I love tv.

Tacky. Food Network. Reality. Documentary. Fox News.

I like it all. Much to D's dismay...

My newest love?

GLEE. Oh my gosh! I love it! The ex-show-choir person in me is over the moon. There is singin' and dancin' and drama!

Who could ask for anything more!!?

Watch it.


Top 5 reasons I love my husband today:

1.) He made me tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner.

2.) He picked up a a Dove Dark Chocolate and a Milk Chocolate bar for me while he was running errands.

3.) He's letting me watch Glee tonight.

4.) He rubbed my neck.

5.) He does not freak out when I call him in a panic 7 times while he is at work because I saw a mouse in the house, I'm not feeling well, my toe hurts, I saw something crazy on the news, etc. Basically he just deals with my antics.

Thanks D.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i've got a case of the mondays

but it's Tuesday! I have so much fun during 3 day weekends, but they throw me off schedule. : p

Today I took a niice long nap under my new giraffe print blanket. I adore giraffe print. I have giraffe shoes, bags, shirts, skirts, Pandora charms, purses and now a blanket!

I have been coveting this bag for years...for real...years...D are you listening?...years...

You know...I am getting my tummy cut open (ok, it will actually be 4 1cm incisions but whatever) on Monday....maybe this could be a "Get Well Soon" or a "Cheer Up" present? Right D ?
Who wants a teddy bear? I want a purse!
I really can't complain because D has agreed to allow me to purchase my 11th pair of yoga pants and Grey's Anatomy Season 5 in preparation for my recovery.
Now I am off to spend sometime with the other, other man in my life...Harry Potter...ah! Super lame right? I'm almost done with book 5!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

weekend plans

ahh! a three day weekend.. love it!

Saturday: Chilling at home with D. Why? Because he's home! We are also going to the fair tonight. horray for funnel cakes and horses!

Sunday: Church, napping, cleaning the house. Maybe a movie?

Monday: We are having a party! I ordered fried chicken and everyone is bringing a side dish. We'll eat, visit, and play some games! yay!


Friday, September 4, 2009

goin' under the knife

Surgery is set for Sept 14 @ 9am.

I am feeling a bit nervous but am relieved that I am one step closer to having this all behind me!

Get this...The doctor said that I would need some stretchy clothes to wear afterwards...stretchy clothes like yoga pants. I love yoga pants!! I have like 10 pairs. Now the they (yoga pants) are doctor recommended, make that 11 pairs! : )

Ok, now you are all up-to-date. Have a fabulous holiday weekend!


kinda big day...

well it's 6:23am and I am up. I can't sleep.

I am headed to the surgeon find out if/when I am having this dangon gallbladder removed. The doctors have been talking about this for months. I'm still nervous though.

We looked at houses last night. One really stood out of the five we looked at....and it was the least expensive one! D and I sat around talking, looking at interest rates and budgets all night. I think we might really do this. We'll see.

My brain is on overload.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

good, clean, cheap, fun

I love money saving tips. Maybe it's because I am a budget maniac with 10+ Excel spreadsheets and pie charts or maybe it's because I'm still freaked out about buying a house...

...nah! I was like this loong before Tuesday! : )

Ok, here are my favorite forms of inexpensive, fun entertainment:

1.) The Dollar Theater : This is my favorite cheap find! The movie ticket is honestly a dollar. just 100 pennies. The movies at the dollar theater have typically been out of the expensive theaters for a week or so. I go as far as to wait to see movies until they hit the dollar theater. I check the movie listings every Friday (they last all week) and then plan when D and I will go. A trip to this theater is a great, cheap date.

2.) Game Night : Cliche right? Not so much! I love to have friends over for game night. As a young twenty something this is still novel and take advantage! I enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family, throw in a few snacks, maybe some beer, and it's a party. You could set up a regular game night once a week or every two weeks and rotate different games so it doesn't get old. I love it.

3.) Wine Tasting : We have local wine store that has a wine tasting every Friday night for $5. That price includes 4 4oz wine pours and hearty appetizers. It's a wonderful way to expand your palette (I am now a bonifide red wine drinker) and to start the weekend on the right foot.

4.) Fairs, Festivals, and BINGO? : No kidding. I am addicted to the weekend edition of our newspaper. I am so cheap that I go as far as to check it online instead of spending $.50 on a real live newspaper. I am always pleasantly surprised by the number of activities going on in my community.

Saturday D and I are headed to the county fair. Admission is $7. I checked the paper and found a $2 off coupon. I printed off two and now D and I are going to the fair for as little as $10. yay!

In October D and I will spend a day at an apple orchard/pumpkin patch/corn maze. Again, it's a whole day of activities, we are making traditions, and admission is $4 per person. Good, clean fun.

Last May my friend R and I decided to randomly try out church BINGO. It was so much fun. We just bought the regular BINGO card for $6, a BINGO marker for $1, and fresh popcorn for $1.50. Neither of us were winners, but we were supporting the church, and had a great time.

5.) Picnic in the Park : We are blessed to have numerous well-kept parks within the city limits of our town. When we moved here D and I made it a "competition" to try out each park. Now on nice days or evening, we pack a lunch/dinner and head to the park. Sometimes it's just sandwiches, sometimes it's Wendy's. Whatever the case, eating in the park and taking a quick (or leisurely) walk is a change of pace and seems like a treat....a cheap treat.

Alright you know my tips for cheap entertainment. What are yours?


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

househunting hurts my head

D and I have decided to jump, headfirst, into a house hunt.

We decided on Tuesday.

We are looking at 5 houses on Thursday.

My head is about fast huh?

I loathe, hate, dislike change. It makes me break out in hives, sweat, cry, freak out, and raises my blood pressure. Fast change? Forget about it.

I am excited about the prospect of a new home. I am looking forward to a bigger space. I am ready to entertain in a yard!!

However, I am freaked out. This is a big step financially. A big grown up step. Am I really grown up enough to do this? (ha ha)

Wish us luck.

Pray for my nerves.
Heck, pray for D in dealing with me! ; )

I'll keep you updated.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Oh man! What a great way to wake up....

I adore the Duggar family. I watch them every Tuesday night at 9am on TLC. I follow their webcasts on I even check their family websites for news/updates. I love the Dugs (as I affectionately call them).

I just think they are good, joyful, loving, people. Although they are a bit extreme in some of their practices....I think we could all learn something from them. : )

Yay! Dugs!


p.s. It is my ultimate goal to sneak into a homeschool conference and meet the Dugs. I will meet them someday. I am their # 1 fan!

p.p.s. As if my day could not get any better....Diana or D3 just called me and asked me to watch baby Jacob for an hour or so....I love Tuesdays.