Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Plans

Maybe I'm lame, but I always think it's interesting to hear the fun and exciting things that people do over the weekend. This weekend I have possible (depending on how I feel...see post below) interesting and exciting plans.

Friday: We are going to the fish fry. You know I love them. I don't know if I'll be eating (see post below), but I will be in attendance! : )

Saturday: D signed up for one of his company's softball leagues. So Saturday morning he will be practicing for the season. We plan to tidy the house. We may also go to the dollar theater (yes it's really $1) to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Sunday: Church and then either meeting my parents in Columbus to eat at the Cheesecake Factory OR going by ourselves to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. No matter what D and I are going because it sounds good to me!

yay! So those are my weekend plans! Hope yours is great.


ok...I hope to have a semi open relationship with the people that read this blog so I'm going to tell you all about my adventures with the stomach virus and our local ER.

***WARNING*** What you are about to read is real. It's not pretty. But at times is pretty funny.

So last Wednesday after dinner I started to feel a bit 'under the weather.' As in, I found myself making frequent and sometimes urgent trips to the bathroom. I chocked it up to something I ate and decided to go to bed early.

Little did I know...

Thursday I had a sub job at my very favorite school, teaching special ed. Luckily I had two aides, because multiple times that day I found myself in the same predicament as the previous night. I got home that afternoon exhausted, aching, and feeling generally terrible. I spent the rest of the evening on the couch.

Friday I called off from work. The secretary at school informed that a Kindergarten teacher called in with the same symptoms, which made me feel like less of a wuss. The rest of Friday was a blur. D and I were supposed to travel home to attend one of my favorite festivities (a fish fry) but ultimately decided that 3 hours in the car and greasy fried fish might not be a good compliment to my frequent and sometimes urgent trips to the bathroom.

Saturday. I was writhing in pain at this point. Every drink I took caused extreme stomach cramps and bathroom visits. Also today my stomach decided to rebel and I began vomiting.

*I told you this wasnt a pretty post*

My darling husband drove 40 mins to get me a Sonic cherry lime slushy because it was the only thing that sounded good to me. Isn't he a dream?

Sunday was the same old, same old. At this point I was tired. I need help getting up off the couch, getting a drink, etc. It was pitiful. I needed my mom. I was actually afraid to be at home alone on Monday, so I gave in and called mommy. Thank goodness she agreed to come take care of me!!

Monday mom arrived and declared that it was time to go to the doctor. Here was the dilemma..should I go to my family doctor? urgent care? the ER!? We decided to try urgent care. This is were the true fun begins....

Mom and I arrive at urgent care. I fill out the paper work and give the lady my insurance card. I must have looked terrible and young? because she proceeds to ask me if the male on the insurance card in my dad or a spouse? ha ha I should have taken this as a sign.

We waited an hour to see the doctor. When he finally knocks on my door, I am unpleasantly surprised. The man is in his mid-seventies. He looks fragile. Literally. He is shaking and coughing and coming towards me. Oh man.

He proceeds to ask me about my symptoms. I explain. Our conversation is as follows:

DR: Have you been drinking any fluids?
Me: Yes, Gatorade, water, sprite, ginger ale.
DR: Have you tried Gatorade?
Me: Yes

DR: Have you taken any over the counter medications to relieve your symptoms?
Me: Yes, Pepto Bismal, Imodium
DR: Have you tried Pepto?
Me: Yes
DR: Have you noticed any darkening of your BM's?
Me: Yes but I attribute that to the Pepto
DR: oh well you answered your own question
Me: uh...ok

Dr. then decides to check/feel my belly. While I am sitting up. He JABS in hand into my abdomen. My eyes bulge.
DR: Oh your a little tender in your belly?
Me: uh huh

He has my lie back and continues to 'check' aka mutilate my belly. Then he coughs in my face. Mucus and all. In My Face.

DR: Have you recently been exposed to any similar illnesses?
Me: I am a substitute teacher. I am filling in for teachers who are home sick with similiar illnesses. I wipe noses of children who have similiar illnesses. So...YES.

At this point I feel hopeless. After his examination in conjunction with my symptoms he comes to the conclusion that I need IV fluids. He tells me that he can set me up there (as in, this man who can't stop shaking and coughing inserting a needle into my arm...).

Thank God for my mom, who offers to take me to the hospital so I don't take up a room at the already busy urgent care. The doctor thinks this is a great idea, plus he thinks I might need some tests to figure out why my 'issue' as lasted this long. Good thinking doc.

So mom and I get packed up and make our way to the local ER.

Stay tuned for more misadventures including a boob job from Mexico gone wrong, lost urine and stool samples, and fun and games in the ER.

Friday, March 13, 2009

D on reflexology...

whoops! It seems that I have already neglected updating this blog...I promise I will be more vigilant this coming week.

Ahh massage is quite possibly one of my favorite pastimes. Recently I have been getting a massage every other week to help relieve migraine headaches and neck spasms. Aside from the (doctor recommended) health benefits, having someone rub your neck, back and feet for one hour without sighing, complaining, changing the tv channel, bartering for you rub them next, or even talking is just lovely.

My newest discovery in the world of massage is the 'Body and Sole' treatment. Which includes 30 min of reflexology feet work and 30 min of targeted massage in any area of your choice. oh man! 2 weeks ago I actually fell asleep while M-my favorite massage therapist-went to work. It felt decadent.

Anyway....D and I were chilling this evening after work and D (being the loving husband that he is) was rubbing my feet. This is our conversation...I warn you it is PG 13

H-M says if you rub my big toe it is connected to my brain and will relieve headaches

D-That's interesting. Do you really think it works.

H-Oh yeah, I feel headache free after M works on me for a while

D- Where is the panty dropping section of your foot

H-*I fully planned on taking advantage of his foot rubbing interest* You keep rubbing and I'll tell you when you find it

D proceeds to acost my foot.


Since it's Friday and we had a fish fry to go to we had to cut the foot rub short. Poor D. I told him he can look up the 'panty dropping' section of the foot on a reflexology chart after dinner. ha ha : )

Monday, March 9, 2009

menu monday

I have seen many other bloggers sharing their meal plans on Monday's...thus Menu Monday. I love to plan, and over plan, so to me it's incredibly exciting to share my boring old weekly menu! : )

Monday: Sloppy Joe Casserole with Salad
Tuesday: Chicken Broccoli Divan with Rice
Wednesday: Turkey Burger with Steamed Vegetables and Applesauce
Thursday: Leftovers and/or Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Friday: Fish Fry at the Knights of Columbus
Saturday: Chicken Salad on English Muffins
Sunday: Greek Salad and Homemade Pizza

Prepared Snacks: Hummus and Pretzels, Cut up Carrots, Celery, and Cucumber with Veg. Dip, & Cheese Cubes with Crackers


Also I am crazy proud of myself...Since I've been married I have struggled with grocery shopping. I tend to buy and cook WAY too much. (4lbs of potatoes for 2 people?....not a good idea...what was I thinking?) To the tune of $150 per week! eek! D and I have worked on budgeting and changing our habits and I am happy to report that I only spent $50 on groceries this week!! I also included a leftovers day in our menu to get rid of all the extra food I am bound to cook. Look at me...I am just like a real grown up.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


This morning my darling husband surprised me by planning a day trip to Toledo!! A day trip that included MY interests! (no, not shopping....)

Around 10:30am D says, "We're going out. I'm wearing church should you." hmmm... D is an awesome husband, but surprise trips or overly romantic gestures are not a daily occurrence, so I had no clue what to expect.

By 12pm, I had showered, dressed, packed a back-up outfit, returned our rented movies from the previous night, and D and I were off.

It is at this point he informs me that we are going to the Toledo Art Museum. yay! I love going to art museums, it's just a good wholesome activity (and the teacher in me LOVES the educational aspects).

We arrive at the art museum and get right to it. Here's the thing....I love museums, but I don't like to meander s l o w l y through each exhibit and reading every single word about every single piece of art. I enjoy observing, skimming information to see if it's really worth reading every single word, and moving on to something new. D on the other hand enjoys reading every single bit of information about every single exhibit. Do you see where this could be a problem?

Luckily for us, we know the about each other's museum tendencies. Therefore we were both able to check out the museum at our own three exhibits in front of D, circling back to find him, and then re-examining the same exhibits. The great thing about this pattern is that I actually learn during my time at the museum and D is happy because I am actually present and not leaving him in the dust. : )

Marriage is all about compromise right?

After the museum we went to a lovely restaurant called, Georgio's Cafe International. *edit* After the museum we actually went to a local McDonalds, where I proceded to change into my 'backup outfit' in the bathroom while attempting not to touch the floor, walls, or any possible surface. This required great skill. All the while D was in the car praying I wouldn't get shot up' while changing in the Mc Donalds bathroon. THEN we went to the restaurant. D actually called ahead and made reservations. I am so so proud. Wow!

We had a great, romantic dinner. Am I a lucky girl or what?

I love my husband.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

why i like lent

You should know that I am not Catholic but fully love and participate in many Catholic traditions because I am married to a wonderful Catholic man (Danny or 'D').

That being said..I love Lent.

Aside from it being a prayerful and reflective time, Lent is fish fry season. Oh boy! Do I love a fish fry!!

D and I have been attending the local fish fry since our sophomore year of college. So far we have only missed one. During the season of Lent we literally plan our activities around fish frys. This year we have recruited 18 people to join us in our Friday fish feasting. : ) It's a great time to meet new people from our community and to introduce our new 'married people/work' friends to our old 'college' friends. Plus the food is down right yummy! I can't wait! yay fish fry!

Here is what's on the menu: (all for $8)

Fish - baked or fried
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Macaroni & Cheese
Escalloped Potatoes
Cole Slaw

mm mm mmm!

You know what wonderful Catholic tradition is coming up next? Parish Festivals! Oh yeah! Instant BINGO!

introducing myself...

I am newly married, substitute teacher, who loves to bargain hunt, and have my friends over to dinner. I recently discovered the world of blogging and have thoroughly enjoyed reading many homemaker/newlywed themed blogs. I thought I'd give the world a sneak peek into my sometimes chaotic, joyfilled, entertaining life. I hope you enjoy!