Wednesday, February 29, 2012

pregnancy brain, glucose, and precious pillows

Here is my public service announcement...


A few weeks ago in a pregnant stupor I basically denied Henry's paternity. That's right my friends, I had a conversation that went like this:

friend from school: So is everything going well with your pregnancy?

me: Yep, I am feeling better, he moves a ton, and is measuring about 2 weeks ahead.

friend from school: Oh! big boy!

me: uh huh, the midwife said they may change the due date but D was a big he might just be D's baby! *shrug*

friend from school: He MIGHT be D's baby?

Today I had my 28 week glucose test.

 um, it was horrible!
After fasting for 10 hours I was thirsty and hungry. That little orange bottle of "juice" made me so sick! I complained, nashed my teeth, and gave myself pep talk after pep talk to keep the "juice" down. I am so thankful that I am done with this task! I will get my results tomorrow or Friday.

Look at this sweet, perfect pillow that my mom made for Henry!!
be. still. my. heart.
I stinking love it!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

99 days to go!

(I told some friends tonight that Henry would be here in less than 90 days...let's make that 99 I was estimation happy : )

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

some like it hot

My sweet husband took my sleepy, death warmed over, snotty, self out to dinner last night. I have been wanting sushi forever and seeing as how we really don't have much food in the house, it made sense to go out. ....literally we have stale bread and leftovers from 8 days ago.

Anyway, we made our way across town. I told D I wanted to go somewhere that was dimly lit, not for the romantic factor but the "I'm wearing a sports bra under this sweat shirt and my face is chapped" factor. So we went to my favorite Asian/sushi bar place in a strip mall.

D was not craving sushi nearly as much as I so he ordered off the regular menu. Because he is a gentleman and pregnant women can be demanding he asked me what looked good and then promptly ordered it while I selected my sushi (which is basically a spicy California roll these days and when I'm feeling wild a shrimp tempera roll woo hoo!). I off handedly mentioned that I heard the spicy chicken was good. D has recently been into spicy food and I can't taste much of anything so even though it had 2 chili's next to it's title on the menu I insisted we try it.

: )

Our food showed up and I began to portion myself some rice and this chicken dish. I could tell that it was hot by the fact that my mouth reacted to it but I honestly could not taste the food or determine the heat. D sat across the table watching...

D- "I can't believe you are eating that, I've never seen you eat something so spicy in all the years we've known each other"

 H-"Well I like buffalo chicken dip with lots of Red Hot in it"
D- "No, this is like habanero peppers hot, like put you in labor spicy"

H- "hmmm I will have to keep that in mind for May..."

I really enjoyed my dinner and mercifully did not have any upset by the hot n spicy food. In fact, as we were leaving I noted that I have been craving spicy food since I've been pregnant. Spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's during the first trimester. Buffalo chicken dip and spicy sushi during the second trimester. As we enter the third trimester (in 2 weeks!! ah!!) who knows what I will be eating! Henry must like it hot!


p.s. On a mushy, day after Valentines note...I am so lucky that D is the man and husband that he is. He  literally waits on me hand and foot, sets his alarm to check on or stay up with me in the middle of the night, and allows me to change my mind 20 times about an off-white paint color without any (much) comment. love, love, love you D!

Monday, February 13, 2012


It is Nyquil ugly at our house right now....

....just add a pregnancy pillow and D breathing in my face.

except that I can't take Nyquil

D took a sick day on Friday, around this household that means near death. I naively thought that I could live with him and substitute teach with germy kids and NOT catch anything. ha ha ha! wrong!

On Sunday I got sick.

coughing, sneezing, moaning, wallowing, sore throat, body aches, you know the drill

The worst part?

I have been looking forward to Valentines Day sushi f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and now it doesn't sound good at all.

The best part?

Gatorade give Henry "moves like Jagger" .....hopefully he's moved!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A day late and a dollar short...January in review

January 1
Happy New Year!! We had traditional pork and sauerkraut for dinner and chocolate chip cake for dessert
 January 2
Supplies for nursery projects
 January 3
First snow of 2012
 January 4
Baby stuff!
 January 5
......this little pie of mine, I'm gonna let it shine....
A mini pie from Brinkmans, just for me!
 January 6
Picking out paint at Home Depot
 January 7
A "popcorn" free ceiling and new light fixture for Henry
 January 8
20 weeks pregnant
half way there with smudged eye makeup : )
 January 9
Danny taking down the big Christmas wreath from the front of the house
 January 10
Danny does 90x
 January 11
Costco trip with Diana and Claire (her 1st trip!)
January 12
 20 week anatomy scan. Henry would not cooperate!
He would not turn over so this picture of his spin, which looks very healthy, is the best shot we got for today.
 January 13
Testing paint colors on the nursery walls....little did we know it would take several paint swatches later before we decided on a wall color

 January 14
big and strong!
Goodies from GNC to help Danny with 90x
 January 15
21 weeks pregnant
 January 16
MLK day!
Mom, Dad, and Elizabeth came to visit. We ordered Henry's glider, looked at fabric, and....Dad got a haircut.
 January 17
Fabric samples for Henry's room
 January 18
Last picture of the Christmas tree before it comes down
 January 19
Watching GOP primary debate
 January 20
MORE paint samples
 January 21
White Trash Murder Mystery!
Danny as Jamie Moon: a trashy, hippie, aspiring guitar player.
Halley as Fannie: a noisy, knocked up, gossip.
 January 22
22 weeks pregnant
-midnight post White Trash Party and pregnant
 January 23
FINALLY! A hail damage repair contract!
 January 24
New "FR's" for Danny
 January 25
ice, ice baby
 January 26
"Thank you SNOW much!"
A pinterest project to thank the neighbors for clearing our driveway
 January 27
6:30pm (ish) our new Friday night bed time
 January 28
Movie Night at home
 January 29
23 weeks pregnant
 January 30
Un-seasonably warm weather and a "mocktail"
 January 31
...impatiently waiting for late night cookies

Sunday, February 5, 2012

oh Henry!

Dear Henry,

     Remember when I thought it was cute that we had to go back to the doctor for a second ultrasound because you wouldn't move? Well, we went back and you still wouldn't move. Mommy didn't get any cute pictures of your precious face, only your spine (which looks great by the way!). In the next 2 weeks we will be going to a bigger hospital for a Level II ultrasound to try to get a picture of your heart and face. stinker! The ultrasound tech warned me that during the next ultrasound they will make me stay until they get the "pictures" that we need...even if it takes hours. You are measuring about 2 weeks ahead and weigh 1lb 8oz.

     Today I am 24 weeks pregnant, which means if you were to be born today you'd be VERY early but would have a fighting chance at surviving outside of the womb. Do me a favor and stay put for a while.

     On January 29th Daddy felt you kick for the first time. Speaking of kicking, last night I went to a Blues Festival and I'm not sure if you loved it or hated it... You were moving your head and arms like crazy. Were you fist pumping or covering your ears? hmmm. This morning at church you had the same reaction to the Alleluia and the children's choir.

     If you are what you eat, today you would be a spicy California roll and buffalo chicken dip. I've been craving both and today was my (and your) lucky day. : )