Sunday, October 31, 2010

....tis the season

Tomorrow is November 1st.

Um...where did this year go? Seriously?

For me, November marks the (early) beginning of the holiday season. That means baking, guests, parties, shopping, etc.

I'm not going crazy, just preparing.

My goal for this holiday season is simplicity.

I'm going to bake some cookies, spend quality time with friends and family, and enjoy the season. I am going to make a point of not stressing out about the little things. I am going to think and reflect about the true meanings of Thanksgiving (being thankful) and Christmas (Jesus).

Hold me accountable for that. k? thanks.

I love love love the upcoming traditions and nostalgia associated with the holiday season.

Tomorrow I'll be talking about preparing for and hosting guests gracefully....tis the season for guests! : )


Friday, October 29, 2010

trick or treat..and halloweeen weekend

Last night was trick or treat and I was pumped!! and then I was deflated when I learned that D would not be home in time to pass out playdoh with me. Yep, playdoh.

So I pouted and mouped and felt very very sorry for myself.

Then the doorbell rang and in front of me stood 5 little trick or little that they forgot what to say. I showed them my big big bowl of playdoh and told them they could pick any color they wanted. One little boy turned back to his mom and yelled "playdoh! playdoh mom! we got playdoh!" and my pouty little heart soared!!

After about an hour of making little kids fist pump the air and jump for joy over my awesome Halloween treats, I packed up and crossed the golf course to go to H2D2's house.

You all....they had more candy than I've ever seen. lots. and. lots. of. candy.

We watched Prom Night, drank some Witches Brew (spiced wine), and they waited for more trick or treaters. I was glad for the company and had never seen the classic? Prom Night.

When I left, I left with half of their leftover candy, which had to be 300 pieces. (Really guys, I feel bad about taking that candy!) I got home just as my family pulled in the driveway and showed them my loot.....THAT lead to watching Greys Anatomy and "passing the candy bowl"(hahahaha!!) so to say.

It was a great great night.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

everytime there's a pumpkin party, a halley gets some germs....

Post Pumpkin Party 2009-swine flu
Post Pumpkin Party 2010-stomach virus

You all I have been so so sick. FAR worse than Salmonella sick.

Thankfully I am on the mend.

Tonight is trick or treat (the first in our new home!!). D is out of town for the day and evening so my parents are coming to visit and help pass out candy. : ) However, I am not passing out candy...I am giving out Playdoh. Personally I think it will be a hit...but I love candy and am missing having it in the house ha ha

As soon as I'm back on my feet I will be blogging some more. promise.


Friday, October 22, 2010

I stink.

In the last 24 hours I have...

..been to the laundry mat
..washed, dried, folded, and put away 7 loads of laundry
..loaded D's truck with my mom
..been to the dump @ 7am (yes, 7am)
..unloaded 500lbs of trash and junk (no, not kidding)
..cleaned the house top to bottom
..found a few missing earrings in the cleaning process
..purchased food and beverages for 30 pumpkin party guests
..prepared said food for the 30 pumpkin party guests
..decorated and prepped the house
....and now I stink.

excited for tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

pumpkin party coutdown: 5 days

Truth: As much as I love entertaining...sometimes...most of the time....all of the time it stresses me out. I fuss and worry about every detail. I clean, clean, clean and attempt to stage my house like a Pottery Barn catalog. I just don't let myself enjoy the party because I want everything to be perfect.

This year at the D/H household I've had a change of heart about my entertaining perfectionism. Do I want my house to feel warm and inviting? yes. Do I want my house to look perfectly staged and have my guests feel uncomfortable moving a pillow or playing cards around a just, right, perfect centerpiece? no.

Truth be told, if you are invited to our home you are friends AND I don't need to impress friends.

I did not come by this thought process easily. I have so much pride attached to my ability to be a homemaker. I want my home to be beautiful, my food the most delicious, and my parties? the best.

uh...that's pride ladies and gentlemen...and not the good kind.

So, this year for our pumpkin party (which is slated to be the biggest party yet) I am letting my hair down. I am not cooking gourmet food. I am cooking easy, comforting, tummy warming chili. I am not stressing about the perfection of my home. This house is where we live and it looks like people live here. Decorations will be simple and festive, not over the top and the impressive.

Entertaining is about welcoming people into your home and sharing time with them. It is not about impressing your guests. While I want all of you to enjoy yourselves, immensely, I want it to be because you spent time with good friends, laughed, and enjoyed some yummy food...not because I am the hostess with the mostess.

Do you know what I mean?

Pride, aside, I think this will be the best pumpkin party D and I have thrown only because I will not be stressing my husband out with my stress about entertaining. ha!


Sunday, October 17, 2010


Our 'welcoming' fall front porch. My next door neighbor (who is 4) picked out the green pumpkin on the bottom right for "Mr. D" haha What does it say about D that a 4 yr old saw a green pumpkn and thought of him? : )
I love my monster mums from Costco.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

these are the days..

Saturday morning at the H/D household means early morning coffee and doughnut runs. Recently we have discovered the yumminess that is Tim Horton's Apple Fritter Timbits and it is a good thing.

Today is crisp and sunny. I'm wearing my work hat (aka. a ladies New Balance hat with paisley swirls, that I only wear on work days so I don't have to wash my hair! ; ) and yoga pants. D is working in the yard and I'm bringing him snacks/drinks. The un-stolen Ipod is playing in the garage. Our neighbors are out and about and frequently come by to chat. I am hunting around for backyard treasures, pinecones and acorns. Around here, there are mums to be planted, pumpkins to be picked, and apple cider to be drank.

....and I am lovin' it.

Tonight I anticipate firepits, huddled neighbors, and hot chocolate.

These are the days.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Playlist

k...I know this is weird but there are certain songs that remind me of fall, or that would be perfect for driving in the fall. I think I like them because some are reflective and calm, while others are upbeat and induce toe-tapping but are not too upbeat like summer songs. Know what I mean?

a few fall songs...
Fearless-Taylor Swift
First Time-Lifehouse
Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley
100years-Five for Fighting
Dream- Priscilla Ahn

Do any songs remind you of Fall?


workin hard

D and I have been working non-stop around our house. Seriously the man comes home, changes his clothes, and is sanding, shovelling, moving, hammering, or cleaning something. Don't worry I am right there with him, doing something.

: )

We are preparing for our upcoming pumpkin party, which (cross your fingers) will be held in our backyard. The same backyard that lived through the upheaval of replacing the deck with a is some work to be done back there!

I am super impressed with everything we've accomplished. We just need to make it through the weekend and then we'll be done.

Cheer us on!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This happened to me today, or last night. I was ijacked. We'll consult urban dictionary for those of you that aren't "in the know."

Someone stole your Ipod
" I left my ipod laying around and it was ijacked!"
Me? I left my ipod in my car. in. my. driveway. and some lovely fool opened my car door in. my. driveway. ruffled through the console and took the ipod from my car. in. my. driveway. and some change.
The same fool left my Garmin (praise God, xoxo love you Garmin!) but stole quarters and dimes?
Anyway I called the police to file a report, only to learn I was not the only homeowner to have items stolen from their cars in. their. driveways. last night. The sheriff told me that he's had deputies out and about filing at least 6 reports this morning!
Thankfully nothing else was stolen and the car was not damaged. However I feel like my bubble has been popped regarding safety and security in my neighborhood. Someone just walked up my driveway and stole from my car 25 feet from my bedroom?! Makes me feel sick to my stomach.

I'll be locking everything up tight tonight...and our plan to clean out the garage will be pushed up from Saturday so I can put away the car.



Monday, October 11, 2010


Today I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my brother and to enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage in Ohio. It was a good day. I spent a few hours in the car driving alone. I am thankful for the time to enjoy my surroundings and reflect.

That's all. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

sandwich delivery = yum!

Last week, or maybe 2 weeks ago, a new sandwich place literally popped up in our town. Jimmy Johns. You all know I love me some novelty so when I found out they deliver I was over the moon! jumping, dancing, yelling....just a bit overkill...but I was excited.

Today D and I ordered 2 sandwiches, chips, and a pickle and were promised that our order would be delivered "freakishly fast" insert more jumping, dancing and yelling. : )

I literally waited on my front doorstep.

Low and behold 10 minutes later there were sandwiches.

They were good. Although they did forget to add my alpha sprouts, onion, and salt/pepper, BUT it's a new store and it literally popped up out of thin air so I'll give them some grace.

D and I enjoyed them on our patio.

10 minutes later my next door neighbor walks out of her back door with a Jimmy Johns bag, she saw our sandwiches and was inspired to order some of her own. When she called they were like "Which street? St xxx? We were JUST there!"

ha ha

I think I should get a referral cookie or something.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Room Where Things Go To Die

If you walk down the stairs to our basement and turn right you will be startled, shocked, and in awe. Why? Because you've entered our dirty little secret. The room where stuff goes to die !? also known as the junk room.

When we moved into this house I heard D utter the words, "Oh, just take that down to the basement" du du dun I knew in that very moment that we had just created an untouchable, messy, unorganized, junk room. *groan*

Well...we've lived in this house for about 8 months and the room has remained untouched, except for the growingly frequent trips down there to stash stuff. lots. and. lots. of. S.T.U.F.F.

Who knew that D and I were such pack rats? Now I know that neither of us ever sold a textbook back in college and apparently we both plan on keeping said textbooks 4eva. Oh, also in addition to the textbooks, we also have binders and folders filled with every paper we ever received in college. ha ha. not joking.

We also have all the cards we received from our wedding, enough stickers to pay the US's debt 2x over (don't forget I'm a teacher : ), every memento from our relationship dating back to my Senior prom pictures and D's actual dried corsage, oh and lets not forget 14 Frisbees that D collected throughout college.

I decided that the stuff stops here.

Now D and I are endeavoring to get rid of the untouchable junk room. Armed with heavy duty storage shelves, plastic bins, markers, and labels. Can we do it? Yes we can!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shut the Front Door!

I found this recipe online and it. is. awesome.

Your taste buds and your waistline will thank you. Yes, your waistline. This is a low calorie recipe that rocks.

Pumpkin Muffins
1 small can (15oz) of pumpkin
1 box of spice cake mix
1 cup of chocolate chips or craisins
Combine the pumpkin and spice cake and then add in your chocolate chips or craisins. Spoon the mixture into cupcake tins and bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 mins. yum!

Personally I halved the batter and made 6 large cupcakes with craisins and 6 large cupcakes with chocolate chips. oh! Also you could make these mini cupcakes and they would be darling.

These are so delicious.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Fresh Start

Don't Monday's feel like a clean slate? I love Monday mornings and the prospect of a new week. I think to myself..."Maybe this week I will go on a walk with D every day"....or ...."This is the week I am finally going to organize the basement"....or...."I am going to invite that couple over for dinner this week" Anywho I start every Monday off with great expectations.

This Monday I am cleaning and organizing and am finding joy in caring for my home. For real, it looks like 25 people (not 2) live here. I find D's empty cereal bowls in the strangest places along with my stray animal print flats and tote bags...and under piles of coats...last nights movie rentals...which are now late. ha I'm workin' on it.

It's chilly here and I am craving comfort. Warm blankets, a welcoming home, hot chocolate, far away friends (Hi K!), and cozy slippers.

I'll start this Monday with a warm drink and a vacuum cleaner. Wish me luck!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hello Old Friend...

It's rainy and gloomy here. Peerfect napping weather. Do you all know what a NyQuil blanket is? My mother-in-law makes them. Two pieces of warm, fuzzy fleece tied together. Even if you are not sleepy when curl up with one, the blanket puts you to sleep every.single.time... thus the name NyQuil blanket.

In honor of the month of October and napping weather I am making comfort food.

Apples with carmel dip
Baked Potatoes
.....and maybe some brownies with ice cream....depending on how late we stay up watching movies : )

D came home today and is currently sleeping off jet lag under his NyQuil blanket. I am enjoying Season 1 of The Good Wife under my NyQuil blanket. It's a good day.