Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Let's see.... D is out of town for a few days so what am I up to? Shopping, napping, eating out at Panera Bread (because D thinks it's not enough food for your money, but he's not here so.... ; ), shopping, and hanging out with the girls.

It's seems I've replaced my husband with shopping. It's a good substitute, but I miss the real deal.

He'll be home this weekend and I'm looking forward to it. (We are going to grill P I Z Z A!)

Love you D!!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Whoaaa we're half way there....

I am filling out teaching applications today. Headed to the bank to open a savings account and deposit my tax refund check. Tidying up the house. And maybe headed over to my favorite primary school to chat with the principal and give her my resume. Cross your fingers for me and say a prayer!!! : )


Saturday, April 25, 2009


As temperatures warm and the sun shines, I feel an intense need to spring clean. (I believe we have already discussed this...) Anyway, today my dreams came true!

It all started Saturday morning with an intensely loud lawn mower outside of my bedroom window. I mean RIGHT outside, within 3 feet, of my window. This resulted in my awakening. I rolled over to see D soundly sleeping through the noise. Luckily with a few innocent nudges, kicks, and sighs he quickly woke up.

After lounging around the house for a bit we were off to run some errands. I cashed a check from selling wedding junk and went to grocery store to pick up food for dinner. D and I decided to christen our new grill with gorgeous boneless ribeye steaks, baked potatoes, and grilled veggies. yum!

When we got home, D (!!!!) informed me he wanted to clean out his closet and donate unused clothes to Goodwill. oh man! He came to this decision without my mentioning or nagging him about my desire to declutter. So we sorted through old polos, sweaters, t-shirts, gym shorts, pants, shorts, etc. and filled 2 laundry baskets full of clothes to donate. : ) I ended up with a clean closet and a happy heart.

But wait...what does my pack rat of a husband suggest we do next? Clean out the garage!!! Our garage is (was) a mess. It has been embarrassing to open the garage door on the off chance a neighbor or a friend might catch a peak.

It took 4 hours, sweat, and a few Miller Lights but our garage is tidy. I am so proud. I might even invite my friends and neighbors to hang out IN my garage.

The very last thing on our Saturday list of things to do, was to take out the trash and get the mail. Pretty mundane tasks right? Not today my friend, not today. When I peered into my mailbox today I found my federal refund check. My giant federal refund check-which is going straight into our future downpayment fund. Getting married does have it's benefits!

Upon returning to the apartment, D and I fired up the grill and got dinner going. It was delicous. Absolutely wonderful. To top it all off we had s'mores for dessert. Oh happy day!

Talk about a perfect sunny Saturday.


Where have you been?

ok, ok, I am not going to apologize for the gap between blog posts. Life happens. Salmonella happens. Potential surgeries happen. (and un-happen!!)

Long story, short. I've been sick and trying to re-adjust to normal life.

The good news is that I'm feeling better and getting normaler. ; )

I'll be filling you in on my antics soon.


Monday, April 13, 2009

home sweet home

After 2 weeks at my parents house and a fun filled Easter weekend I am finally home. It feels so good to be in my own space with my own things.

Now that I'm here, I feel the need to spring clean.

Um...this is a problem seeing as how I am still a bit low in energy and D is leaving for another business trip. So I'm low on help.

I've devised a plan. I am going to try to go room by room and get rid of crap. You have no idea how much crap D and I have. D feels the need to hold onto every single shirt, book, gadget, pillow, and shoe that's he's had. If you were to look in our garage right now you would see 2 old computer monitors, an old pillow (that's not even ours!!!), a gross used crockpot (that's not ours either, it belongs to D's friend from college), and various other items that we don't use and ha ha! are not even ours. Now, we've contacted our friends and they could care less about these items. So now it's time to donate. Big time.

The crap and clutter is going down. (slowly and with lots of breaks, since that's how I'm moving these days)

I am going to try one room per day, with as much help and input from D as possible, and I'm getting rid of the extra crap.

I'll keep you posted.

home sweet home

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!! 'potluck' breakfast, ham sandwich for lunch, marshmallow's been a good eating day so far. yum. yum.

Let's see, last I updated I told you about outlet shopping with my favorite fake 'almost' cousin-in-law. It was fabulous!! I got some beautiful polka-dot flip flops from the Gap and (brace yourself) a new Coach wristlet!! yay!

The next day my dear husband returned from his business trip : ) and I got a new haircut and highlights. I am loving the highlights. They are subtle and natural and I love them.

Yesterday D and I woke up early went to a local whole in the wall restuarant for breakfast. Then we went to the bank to close our old bank account and to pay off our only credit card. As of right now our only debt in the whole world is our student loans and that makes me super happy. After that my family celebrated Easter. We have a huge meal: ham, mac and cheese, roasted potatoes, deviled eggs, veggie tray, rolls, broccoli casserole, and pineapple upside down cake. It was delicious. We followed that with a little Mario Cart Wii. Fun times with the family.

Today is Easter. This morning we went to church, had breakfast with our church 'family', breakfast at D's grandparent's house, D and his cousins are currently playing golf, and I'm watching a movie and doing laundry. This evening we are celebrating Easter with D's family by having dinner another large delicious meal. THEN driving 3 hrs home.

whew! Now you are up-to-date. I hope you have a wonderful Easter....and try to remember that it's about more that chocolate covered bunnies and eggs.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

money, money, money!!

I sold some wedding junk today and left $135 richer! oh yeah! The brides that I met were very fun. They kept congratulating me and asking ME for wedding tips! As if I am some married role model. Money and ego stroking. I am one happy lady.

But the day gets even better. After much internal debate I decided to spend my new found money on a fancy schmancy hair cut/highlight appointment. I called the salon, requested my favorite stylist and luckily got an appointment for Friday!! yay!! So next time I see some you I will be sporting an over-priced cut and color and feeling like hot stuff. Watch out world.

But wait there's more... Then I call my dad, partially to brag about how business savvy I am, and end up with an invitation-which I accepted- to join him at Freddies Bar. After my first 1/2 of a Bud Light in at least a month (I'm a real heavy drinker.... ; ) Dad and I decided to grab a bite to eat. We ended up at a local hotel for dinner. Food was great and it was nice to have some one on one time with my padre.

Plans for tomorrow include a road/shopping trip with my favorite fake 'almost' cousin in law and church. and unbridled bliss and anticipation for my upcoming hair appointment.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Day

Not much to report today. It wasn't an overly exciting day but a good one!

After our wedding (D & I incase you were wondering) last August, I endeavored to sell off wedding junk. I turned to I created a webpage and posted an ad. At that point in time I sold a few items but didn't get rid of all the junk.

So today I figured that while I was in my parent's home, with nothing to do, I would organize and repost the ad for the wedding junk. BINGO! Wedding season is right around the corner and I got a ton of replies.

Besides the fact that I am getting rid of the wedding junk, I am also gaining some cash for my outlet mall shopping adventure later this week. DOUBLE BINGO!!

Here's how the exchange is going down:
*Brides to be will meet me in the parking lot of a local Panera Bread
*They are to bring cash only
*Any of my wedding junk is up for grabs
*Brides to be get my high quality, awesome wedding junk, I get rid of it, and some extra cash
*Everyone is happy
*The end.

Today, I also had dinner with my sister in law and my fake 'almost' cousin in law (my real cousin in law, N, needs to be proposing here soon but that's another story). It was a very fun evening. I even put on makeup and used hairspray. whoa. We chatted about family stuff, celebrity gossip, and the ongoings in our lives. It's super nice to love your family in law and I do.

That's all folks!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm wiped.

I have no energy.

I seem to be tiring out very quickly these days. It's a vicious cycle. I feel a bit better, get some energy, do something (take a walk, run an errand, etc.), then immediately am worn out.

Today I hung around my parent's house, did some laundry, and watched a movie. Around 6 I was starting to feel hungry and decided to go out and grab a bite to eat.

Lately, if something sounds good to eat D and/or I venture out to find it, no matter how far, becuase very few things have been sounding edible to me.

It was Chick-fil-a today. The nearest one is 30 mins away. Eh, I had some energy so I decided to go. I ate my food and then noticed a Target near by. I love love love Target, so I couldn't resist a quick visit. ha I ended up buying Easter candy for my family. Then, I saw a TJ Maxx (my second love) and decided to head in for a new hair dryer.

By the time I got back into the car, after my few quick visits, I was pooped. I cannot describe the degree of tired I was experiencing. Mind numbing, body aching, tired.

Now I am home in my pj's chilling in front of the tv. ahhh!

I truly hope I start to get my stamina back soon. There is no way I could handle a classroom of students right now. Subsitute teachers are not allowed mid day naps. : (

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I think this is why America is obese....

Yesterday D and I hung around the house, he changed the oil in the car, I watched tv, napped, did some light picking up, and went out to dinner. In general it was a pretty lazy day. One of our favorite lazy activities is renting/watching movies.

Well...we rent movies frequently enough that we are out of new movies to rent at Family Video. Yep, we stay in that often. ha ha!

So after a trip to Family Video with no luck we went home to check out Movies On-Demand. Again, either no luck or no interest in those movies. Then I realize that there is one movie source that we have yet to try...Netflix.

Oh man! Within 5 minutes I was a full fledged member of the Netflix community and watching Season 1 of Law and Order SVU over the internet. Talk about instant gratification.

Now we have our movie que all lined up and are anxiously awaiting our first three DVD's. We no longer have get up off our behinds and head to the movie store. No sir, now we can keep our behinds on the couch, type in our movie order, and wait for it arrive on our doorstep. I think this is why America is obese.

I also think this is the beginning of a very long and happy relationship. <3


Saturday, April 4, 2009


Whew! It is been a long and bumpy 2 weeks! Last time we talked I was my Urgent Care experience. Well, last Saturday I get a phone call from the hospital lab informing me that I have Salmonella, as in peanut butter recall, undercooked chicken Salmonella. Fabulous. Great. Now what?

The doctor puts me on heavy duty antibiotics (seriously, pharmacy print out says the are for the treatment of anthrax exposure ha ha) and has me set up an appointment to come in the next week.

Long story short. I end up back in the ER because of dehydration-again-and now the concern is that I may have Salmonella in my gallbladder which would make me a permanent Salmonella carrier and I would need to have my gallbladder removed. BUT we can't check the gallbladder until next week because it's inflamed.

The good news is that I am slowly improving. My blood work shows this, and physically I am starting to feel better. Slow and Steady.

I will be staying at my parents house for the next week while D is away for work. I am hoping to spend some quality time with family and friends and the tv. : )

I'll keep you posted!

p.s. I had a great time with two of my readers last night (at a fish fry duh!) D&H you guys have a knack for cheering me up! Thanks!